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Sticky Post!


How's my driving? Call 1-800-T-I-M-E-S-T-R-E-A-M. Leave off the 4 because it's not cool.

In other words, leave a comment if you have concrit for me. |D

General Interactions Post!

[general interactions go here! that means if you just want to have retarded day-in-the-life thread and retard it up, or have a serious conversation or hell, just want to meet him, go for it! ANYTHING GOES. copypasta'd to all my journals cuz lazy mun is lazy o/]
Set for theatrical release on October 4, 2008, a third film adaptation of Kamen Rider Den-O is in production, tentatively titled Farewell Kamen Rider Den-O (さらば仮面ライダー電王). From a trading card set to be released at the time of the movie, a new Imagin and new Rider are to featured. - From Wikipedia



I fucking love Japan you guys.

Updated Player Info

Me: caffeinic, Cassie, Ponta, etc.

I Play: Dee Laytner (cock_my_gun), Nakano Hiroshi (guitar_hiro), Minami Ikki (asthecrow_flies), Lambo (babytipping), Mokona Modoki (manjuueatsyou), Mieu (abusedbypi), and Momotaros.

This is an LJ cut.Collapse )


Character: Momotaros
Series: Kamen Rider Den-O
Character Age: Unknown

Canon: When the timestream is being raped by Imagin - monsters who are fighting to change the future by destroying the past, it's left up to Kamen Rider Den-O to defeat them and save the world. But what do you do when the world's future rests in the hands of a wimp who can't go a day without falling on his face? You let the "good" Imagin fight for him.

This is how Nogami Ryoutarou, the boy behind the Kamen Rider mask, comes to be eventually possessed by four Imagin. Momotaros, a loud, arrogant, and hot-headed Imagin who would rather just fight to his heart's content, is the first to possess our "hero". While he puts on a tough guy act most of the time and takes over Ryoutarou's body numerous times just to find strong opponents, deep down Momotaros is a softy. A gullible softy who's constantly topped by both women and the other Imagin he fights alongside with.

As Den-O's "Sword Form," Momotaros is a dependable fighter who's willing to fight to the limit. Considering he starts off every appearance with variations of "I have arrived!", yells retarded catch phrases about his climax, and comes up with finishing moves numbered from one to five - not including four because it isn't cool enough - however, it's pretty easy to see why a lot of Den-O's enemies don't take Momotaros seriously. That is, until he's kicking their ass.

Sample Post:

That was pathetic. No, pathetic wouldn't work . . . disappointing? Retarded? No, no, I don't think there's a word for how much that fight sucked! What the hell was that anyway?! Are you a rookie or something? Don't you know better than to challenge someone when you don't even know what you're doing? If that's what you call fighting, you're doing it wrong! Completely wrong! Just sit there and lick your wounds -- eww, not literally, cut that out! - while I tell you exactly how wrong you did it.

First there's your entrance, which is the second worst thing you've done today! What kind of guy falls apart before the battle even begins? And literally, too - that's not sucking, that's just plain gross, man. If you can't keep it together before you even get through challenging someone, what makes you think you'll last through the first few punches? And then you've gotta worry about gathering up all the pieces afterwards and -- ugh, how can you live like that? Idiot!

And on the topic of idiots - your pre-battle speech was full of idiocy! Who the hell yells "braaains" when they charge at someone? I don't care if you're smart or not, the only thing I care about is how strong you are! Smarts have no place in a real fight anyway - keep that in mind the next time you go off attacking someone. They'll take you a lot more seriously if you come up with something cool to say. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. Maybe if you use those smarts of yours for something like that, you'll at least put your opponent on guard next time, not make an ass of yourself.

-- Hey! Are you even listening?! You better be, I was leading into the most important part!

The number one thing you did wrong today? YOU INSULTED MY CATCHPHRASE. You never make fun of someone's catchphrase! It's like, the number one rule in the book of fighting! The catchphrase makes the fighter, and it's a blow to a guy's honor when you do that. If you've got a problem with my climax, keep it to yourself! I don't wanna hear anything about how you can show me a real climax, especially when you say it with that kind of look - cocky bastard, you're talking to the master of climaxes here! If you think you know what a climax is, you haven't seen anything yet!

That's it, I'm all fired up again! And look, you pulled yourself together just in time! After a long-ass conversation with a complete idiot, I have arrived! So come at me with everything you've got and I'll show you what a real climax is!

Voting went here. 98% holy shit what.